My name is Scott Christman, owner of The Lawn Guy. I worked for twelve years for a privately owned Cary based lawn care company, that ultimately was sold to a major corporation. The once small companies’ values of offering great customer services at reasonable prices were quickly discarded for higher profits. Corporate greed won out over common sense and good agronomic principles.

  Eventually, I had enough. In 2008, I formed The Lawn Guy and returned to the common sense values that made the Triangle’s largest locally owned lawn care company so successful. Compare what I offer verses other companies.  Consider the number of treatments per year, and what and when the applications are made. Who is making the applications? Is it the same person each time? What is his/her experience? I believe you will see the value in my program.

For more information about our company, please contact us by phone at (919) 233-8268 or by emailing us.